The school requires strict discipline & good behaviour to be maintained by the wards & their Parents/Guardians.

Students must be punctual.

All students should come to school in proper neat & clean uniform. A student who is not properly dressed may be sent out of the classroom or even sent home.

The school gates will close at 8.00 AM (7.30 AM) & 8.40 AM (winter). Late comers will be sent back,the school will not be responsible for the safety & security of the child.

A student should bring his/her school diary to school daily.

From classes VIII onwards, it is mandatory for every Sikh boy to wear a turban.

Students should come with text books & notebooks required on a day basis. Homework given should be carried out in all respects by the specified dates.

If a student does not improve his/her conduct inspite of repeated warnings, his/her name will be struck off the school rolls.

Do not damage school property.

Do not litter or spoil the beauty of your classroom, school corridors & school ground.

Do not leave classes without class pass.

Any movement to the playground/labs/library etc. should be orderly & in a queue.

Whenever you see any guest or teacher in the campus, stand on the left side & wish them according to the time of the day.

Take care that you do not fight or use unparliamentary language for anyone.

Do not drag your feet while walking.

Cycling, Driving Scooters/Motor Bikes, Shouting & Whistling etc. inside the school premises is not allowed.

Name, class & section of the student should be clearly mentioned on all his/her belongings.

Chewing of gum is prohibited in the school premises.

It is mandatory for every student to attend all the school functions.

It is mandatory for all students to speak in English in the school premises.

No student can leave the school premises during school hours or in the recess without the prior permission of the Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmistress.