Our Mission

Our Vision & Mission

To nurture progressive thinking individuals by employing latest instructional technology through 3 integrated foundations of learning

Pathshala Sanskar Eklavya
(Academic Block) (School for exposure) (Excellence in sports)
To enhance knowledge which develops creative thinking and channelizes potential for an optimum performance. To provide exposure for laying the core foundation of a student's personality and prepare them for the future. To equip students with the required skills of the game chosen and physical fitness.


Our mission is to educate the whole child to ensure they become enthusiastic, persistent and competent learner that are not only ready for the future but also care about and demonstrate respect for themselves, others and the environment we would like to provide excellent programs in a safe, caring and healthy environment. Our school parents and community will work in partnership to ensure each student to experience the joy and rigor of learning. High expectations within a challenging curriculum delivered through excellent instruct provide a solid foundation for all.


Our vision is to see each and every child fully engaged in a thinking that builds their stamina for deep, creative and critical thinking with in all subjects’ areas students will work together with their teachers to develop fundamental skills and complex understandings the skills and complex understandings of the world around them as they strive for high academic achievement. A strong sense of community will be built through an emphasis on social skills. Parents, teachers and school leader will show their commitment for the school through their individual and collaborative involvement in continuously improving the school. Learning will take place throughout the school, the ground and the garden as well as expand in to our diverse, resourceful local community. The school environment will provide the beautiful and joyful place that fosters learning for all the students and is a source of pride in the community.


• To improve the academic standard of the students.

• To improve writing / presentation of the students.

• Promotion of life skills in all classes.

• Introduction of clubs..

• Responsive classrooms

• Morning meetings in every class.

• To ensure students are engaged and involved in their learning. We will personalize learning in the following ways:-

• o Emphasis on prior knowledge.

• o Stress on individual interests

• o Focus on individual learning styles.

• o Experiential learning as a way of life is not environment or curriculum specific.

• o ICT will be used as a tool to personalize learning.

• To strengthen teacher’s professional development to engage students in active learning

• To enhance students learning effectiveness through raining their language proficiency.

• To implement cross-curricular reading activities to widen students’ exposure to English.

• An English corner is to be set up in all classrooms. Majority of ECA boards and display boards around the campus will be in English.

• To give more emphasis on collaborative activities and wellness activities simultaneously with the academics.

• Community outreach activities will also be planned.